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About Programming Homework Helper

Programming Homework Helper provides quality programming homework assistance to help students achieve their programming goals. We are guided by strict policies and procedures and follow all the guidelines provided by students to provide a state-of-the-art solution that meets their specific needs. If your programming assignments are giving you a hard time, get our assistance and we will try our best to make everything easier for you.

Expert Programmers

Our programming team is made up of highly qualified experts who have the knowledge and skills to develop top-quality code for all your assignments. We hire these professionals through a rigorous selection process whereby we check relevant academic credentials, practical knowledge on programming and the ability to draft assignments that not only impress your professor but also help you to become a better programmer. Our team is committed to providing the best coding homework assistance in any computing field.

24/7 Live Support

Our student support team is available 24 hours 7 days a week to bring our services at your convenience. Whether you are struggling with some code in the middle of the night or just woke up to an urgent programming assignment, you can reach out to us any time of day or night and we are here to provide you with the best assistance. You can contact us through our live chat services or send us an email and our team will respond to your query instantly. We treat all queries with equal importance to make sure that we satisfy our clients in the best way we can.

Our Objective

Our primary goal is to provide students with flexible services and quality solutions that help them to understand various programming concepts and guide them in becoming prominent programmers. We don’t just do the assignment for you so that you can achieve good marks. Rather we give you a material that is comprehensive enough to guide you throughout your programming course. Any assignment is solved in a logical and systematic way that helps you comprehend the fundamentals of the topics in question. The material you receive from us will not only guide you while revising for your exams but also serves as a great reference point whenever you are presented with similar problems.

Our Area of Specialization

Our coding experts have what it takes to handle different programming projects regardless of their simplicity or complexity. They have been serving students with quality assignments over the years, which has built trust and confidence in our company.  We provide solutions both to your theory and practical programming projects. To make sure that we provide nothing but the best, we have a rich library of the resources needed to perform the required research in order to produce assignments that are up to the mark.

How Will We Help You?

When you seek programming help services from Programming Homework Helper, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Timely delivery of assignments: Whether it is a rush order or just a regular order, the final material will be sent back to you well in advance so that you can have plenty of time to analyze it and request for revisions (if any) before submission.
  • Affordable rates: Our pricing policy is designed with a student’s budget in mind. We know the financial strains college students go through and therefore, we have made our prices quite pocket-friendly to accommodate everyone seeking our services. This doesn’t mean that we compromise on the quality of work produced though. The quality of our solutions remains untouched.
  • Program output: Any program produced by our experts is accompanied with relevant screenshots and documentation to help you understand how the program runs. Before it is sent to the client, the program is also tested to make sure that it runs as required by the assignment.
  • Plagiarism free assignments: We know how important it is for you to submit original assignments. We also understand that plagiarism is a serious academic crime that can even get your entire assignment nullified. That is why our programming experts create each code from scratch to make sure that everything is unique and original. They also run the assignments through the latest programming tools to detect traces of plagiarism and to make sure that all areas are properly referenced.

Are Our Services Genuine?

Yes! We have been voted among the most reliable and trustworthy companies that provide programming help to students. We understand that the market today is saturated with substandard companies that are only after students’ money, which would make you question the legitimacy and efficiency of our services. But we are very confident with what we offer. In fact, we have testimonials from real students who have actually used our services. Most of them are repeat clients and others have been referred to our site by their peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide original content?

Yes, we provide 100% original work. Once you have collected your order and are absolutely satisfied with it, we delete it permanently from our database and are never resold or republished.

How about the pricing structure?

Once you have completed the order form and specified all your requirements, a price structure is provided for you based on those requirements.

What programing languages do you cover in your assignment help services?

Over the years, we have provided help in Java, C++, C, Database Programming, Assembly Language Programming, Python, SQL, and more. However, this doesn’t mean that these are the only areas we can handle. Our programming experts have the ability to deal with any coding assignment thrown their way.

How long will it take you to complete my order?

The amount of time taken to complete an order varies with the nature and urgency of the project. Therefore, it is important to specify the urgency of your assignment when placing your order to maintain deadlines. Usually, our turnaround time for each project depends on your project deadline. We are here to help you any time. Prices for each project on the other hand vary depending on the urgency of the assignment.

What do your services guarantee?

To serve you better and to make sure you get absolute value for your time and money, Programming Homework Helper gives you the following guarantees:

  • 100% plagiarism free content
  • A refund if you are not satisfied with the work done
  • 100% quality work
  • Free unlimited revisions on your work within the specified time slot
  • Timely delivery of assignments
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • 100% ownership on the content delivered

What details do you need to start working on my order?

You are required to provide all the necessary information regarding your order. This includes all the requirements, assessment criteria, special requests, additional research materials such as handbooks, case studies, lecture notes, etc.

How will you deliver my order?

Your order will be sent to your email before or on the specified deadline.

Will the work be plagiarism free?

Yes, we provide 100% plagiarism free assignments. You can ask for a full refund if the originality of the content is below the established university standards.

How else can I use the content provided by you?

Any content provided by our company must be used for academic purposes only. For other purposes, refer to our recommended license of use.

How safe are your services?

100% safe. We have made our services confidential and we never share your personal information with outside parties. In fact, we remove your personal details from all the attachments you send us to make sure that information is not disclosed to anyone.

Is using you services an act of cheating?

Of course not. Instead, our materials will give you a clear understanding of the programming topic in which you are seeking help and assist you to foster your academic development. Using our services is absolutely legal and guarantees you the best programming assistance.

What services do you provide?

We provide assistance for both theory and practical programming assignments. Whether it is a writing assignment or a coding project, you can be sure to get it done by our experts.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy comprises of a set of methods used by our company to safeguard your personal information. We respect your privacy and that is why we clarify our purpose of collecting your personal information. We try our best to protect your personal, financial, and assignment information. However, we advise anyone who visits our site to read all the policies presented here before committing to any of our services.

Personal Information

We collect both personal identifiable information and non-personal identifiable information. Personal identifiable information includes things like your name, address, email, whether you agree to our terms, and the first time you talked to us regarding our services. This is the information that distinguishes you from other users. Non-personal information on the other hand includes things like your IP address, the time spent on our site, web browser information, as well as the pages you visit.

Why We Need the Information

We appreciate the fact that our clients trust us with their personal information. We keep this trust by making sure that the information is secured and never revealed to anyone. We have never and will never use your personal data for any marketing purposes. However, we use it for the following purposes:

  • To notify you of important changes on our website
  • To give you valuable information regarding our services
  • To respond to your queries, requests, or complaints
  • To contact you whenever necessary
  • To make sure that the assignment we provide is in accordance with your country standards
  • To make important transactions
  • To inform you of the latest deals, packages, and discounts


Cookies are text files transferred to the computer system of the user by the service provider of the website one is visiting. They are used to rack the movement of the user, collect demographic information, analyze trends, and monitor the website. We use cookies for our transactions to keep records of the login activity of our clients in order to improve authenticity. However, users can set their computers not to accept cookies, to receive cookies, or get a notification when cookies are granted.

Information security

We use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to secure your personal information. We also use firewall protection. Additionally, we implement all the necessary tools to make sure that any information received from you is protected against alteration, misuse, and loss.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

We perform regular updates and upgrades to our site in order to improve your browsing experience. Hence, our privacy policy changes regularly. For this reason, we urge our clients to keep checking out this page for new updates.

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for selecting Programming Homework Helper to satisfy your programming needs. However, we highly recommend that you read and understand the following information completely before obtaining our educational services. You also need to agree to our terms before proceeding to placing any order with us. If you do not agree to our conditions, please do not request for our services. By ordering any service from this website, you indicate your agreement with all the terms and conditions laid out on this page.

Frequently Used Words

  • Website: Means Programming Homework Helper
  • Client, Customer, Student, You, Yours: Refers to the person seeking our services
  • Writer, Expert, Coding Expert, Programming Expert : Refers to the person handling your project
  • Company, Site, Our, We: Refers to Programming Homework Helper
  • Order: Refers to the request made for a certain service
  • Quality Assurance Team: Refers to the department responsible for ensuring assignments quality

Use License

We have highly qualified programming experts that deliver exceptional programming homework help services.

  • Our client’s agreement starts when one makes the payment and ends when the assignment is completed and delivered to the client.
  • Once we have accepted your payment, we are responsible for producing high quality work as directed by your specific requirements.
  • If we fail to meet your expectations, you can file a complaint within seven days.
  • We urge our clients to read our refund policy before requesting for a refund.
  • The complete assignment will be sent to you through the email address provided without any additional costs.
  • Any unauthorized use of the content obtained from our website is a criminal offence and can subject you to a civil penalty.

Delivery Policy

We work extra hard to make sure that all orders are sent back to you in good time. In case we fail to respect the deadline, you can ask for a full refund from us. The final product is guaranteed to be according to client’s requirements and in compliance with our company’s quality standards.

Plagiarism Policy

By agreeing tour terms, you confirm that:

  • You will not share any material obtained from us with third parties
  • You will not sell any of our products or use them for malicious activities
  • All materials provided by us will be used for academic purposes only


By agreeing to our terms, you also acknowledge that:

  • All the information provided in the assignment must be properly cited.
  • No copies of the materials provided will be distributed. You agree to destroy these products once you are through with your course.
  • You agree to receive notifications on the latest product offers and promotions of our company. You can unsubscribe from these when required.

Changes to Our Terms of Use

We possess the authority to modify or make changes to the above terms and conditions without informing the clients. We therefore advice our clients to keep a keen eye on this page regularly.

Refund policy

Our aim is to provide our clients with solutions that satisfy their needs. However, sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances a small error can lead to dissatisfaction of your expectations. If this happens and you are completely unhappy with the piece of work provided we will compensate you by giving you a refund.

When to Ask For a Refund

  • If by mistake, the transaction was made twice and money was accidentally deducted from your account. We will be liable to reverse the transaction and return the mistakenly charged amount back to your account immediately.
  • When we miss your deadline by more than 24 hours.
  • If the percentage of plagiarized content is more than what is specified in the university guidelines
  • Any refund request should be brought to us directly before any involvement of third parties.

NB: Those who wish to get a full refund must submit their request within seven days of receiving the assignment. Our quality assurance team has the rights and will consider all the evidence before ruling for a refund.