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SQL (Structured Query Language) is a domain-specific language used to communicate with a database. It was developed by Raymond FF. Boyce and Donald D. Chamberlain at the IBM in the 1970s. Initially, it had the name SEQUEL. The SQL statements are used to manage data held in a relational database by performing tasks such as update or retrieval of data from a database. SQL was standardized by ANSI in 1986 and later in 1987 by ISO.

Characteristics of SQL

  • It is very simple to learn and easy to use
  • It can work with database programs such as DB2,Oracle, Ms Access, Ms SQL server and Sybase
  • Programmers using SQL can create, update, delete and retrieve data from a database

Advantages of using SQL

  • No coding is needed-The user can manipulate data in a database without writing a substantial amount of code
  • SQL has well defined standards- it uses the standards adopted by ANSI and ISO
  • It allows for quick and efficient retrieval of large amounts of data from a database. The programmer can get answers to complex questions in seconds.
  • It can be used in many machines such as PCs, servers and laptops
  • Users can make different views of the database structure using the SQL language.

Disadvantages of using SQL

  • Difficult interface which makes it difficult to access
  • SQL has hidden business rules which only allows the users partial control
  • Some SQL versions has a high operating cost

Application of structured query language

  • Database administrators and developers use SQL to write data integration scripts.
  • SQL is used by data analysts to set and run analytical queries
  • SQL provides optimization engines and query dispatchers components

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  • Normalization of queries
  • Triggers
  • Views
  • DQL, DML, DDL, TCL and DCL queries
  • Database administration
  • Stored procedure
  • SQL queries
  • Functions, procedures and aggregations

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A lot of time and effort is required in SQL and in programming in general. Programming students need to be more or less well-versed with these programming languages to be able to find the correct solutions for their homework and assignments. SQL language has several elements such as;

  • Clauses- These are the components of queries and statements
  • Expressions- They are used to produce tables or scalar values
  • Queries- These are used to retrieve data based on some provided criteria
  • Predicates- they are used to change the program flow by specifying certain conditions
  • Statements-SQL statements are used to control transactions, sessions, connections and program flow.

Types of SQL queries and clauses

  • FROM-It shows where the search will be made
  • WHERE-It defines the rows where the search will be conducted
  • ORDER BY- It is used to sort results in SQL

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  • Cursors
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